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Replacing DRL sockets-2000 Trans Am

This is a discussion on Replacing DRL sockets-2000 Trans Am within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; hello all, my blinkers dont light up in the car, nor do they blink outside. everytime i change a fuse ...

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    Replacing DRL sockets-2000 Trans Am

    hello all,
    my blinkers dont light up in the car, nor do they blink outside. everytime i change a fuse it burns out. based on reading posts here, a suggestion is to change or clean the sockets. my only question is do you take the sockets out to do it? if so, how do you take them out?
    just by changing the bulbs, there is not much slack in the socket wire, so I assume you take them out to clean. if i am going down the wrong road, can you ls advise?
    thank you

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    Buy new sockets at Autozone....part number is 85881. has a good write-up on how to replace them. Good luck.

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    probably need to replace the sockets. i got mine at oreillys for about $5 a piece. the poor design of them facing upwards, causes moisture to settle on the connections, corroding them. also check your turn signal housings for any cracks that would allow moisture in. if you see any . . its prob time to change them too.

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    Make sure to pack the socket with di-electric grease when you put it back together and then you won't have that problem.

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