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racing tips

This is a discussion on racing tips within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; the only time i down shift is if the outher car has a chance to beat me .. wich means ...

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    the only time i down shift is if the outher car has a chance to beat me .. wich means evo 8-9 few wrx stis and outher fbodys 03 04 corbra. even if i have resto mod hot rod fucking with me ill stay in 2nd cuz i know when i get in the power band and they run outa gear ill win ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbirdbrain89 View Post
    the only time i down shift is if the outher car has a chance to beat me ....
    you never know, dont take a chance

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    thanks for the tips guys! im still new to all this racing and stuff but i just dont want to get caught up in the situtation where i got a nice young lady in the car and someone decides to test the true power of the ls1, and so i wont look like a dumbass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteLS1TA View Post
    i guess getting a new shifter would help to considering the fact that stock hurst shifters suck. i traded my friend my ol stock shifter for his stock hurst shifter and its really shitty i dont why i did it, i guess i thought it was a better shifter. i also noticed that my gears are kinda rough to get into. what do you think that might be?
    I tried the Hurst shifter and found that they are too short on the bottom throw. Mine would pop out of the rail on hard shifts at the track. I returned it after measuring the shifter and reporting the problem to Hurst .... who is now owned by Mr. Gasket. No response. I bought a B&M Shifter and it works much better than stock and in slightly longer to insure full engagement. I still sport the Hurst shift knob on my B&M Shifter because it's so much better than the stock knob.

    Good luck..... I'd check the length compared to stock and see if you have a problem like I did.


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    woooooooooow great write up for racing

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