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Question for you all

This is a discussion on Question for you all within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by Promise517 I ran into a WS6 owner who said the Ls1's are only rated to 100K. I'd ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Promise517 View Post
    I ran into a WS6 owner who said the Ls1's are only rated to 100K.
    I'd love to know what he meant by "rated" to 100k, who did the rating?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Promise517 View Post
    Thanks everyone I think I need to get the fan thing looked at (today or tomorrow) because the fans don't seem to turn on until I am a quarter from the red zone. Appreciate all the information.
    I'm betting it's just the secondary fan not coming on due to a bad relay... I've had that happen before,where the car suddenly started running just a bit hotter than it ever had but wouldn't quite overheat...

    What I found was that the secondary fan wasn't coming on...

    What I did was run the car to normal operating temp at idle with the air con on max... This should kick on the secondary fan,if it doesn't come on,it's the relay in the under hood fuse box. Disconnect battery,replace relay with a new one,reconnect battery.If it still doesn't work,it may be the fan motor itself...

    this worked for me!

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmalgar View Post
    Huh? What have I missed? Where? You have a link to a thread in here somewhere?
    I guess I should have done that (not enough coffee) Its a GREAT TIME every year

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