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Question: What mods have been done?

This is a discussion on Question: What mods have been done? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; What is the best way to find out what modifications have been done to my car? The previous owner died. ...

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    Question: What mods have been done?

    What is the best way to find out what modifications have been done to my car? The previous owner died. His widow doesn't know anything about the car. His son in law said he thought a shift kit had been installed and supposedly a high performance chip. I have no idea about the cam or anything. Where do I start? Thanks!

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    Welcome to the site!

    If it has a "chip" that is the absolute first thing I would remove. All they do is attempt to fool the PCM into thinking that something else is going on in an attempt to make more power. If you can post pics of the engine bay and the underside of the car, we can identify most modifications and tell you what you have. A modified valve body will not show up in pics, but the shifts would be much firmer than stock and almost certainly noticeable as compared to a car without this upgrade (have any friends with LS1 A4 equipped cars?).
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    I'll 2nd the dumping of the chip. Better off sending the ecm to Frost for a tune. His tune will wake it up, give better shift points for the A4.

    Look at the cylinder heads. Anything that says Trickflow or some other brand name is aftermarket, if it has 317, 853, 243 or 241's those are stock GM heads. For your year you should see 241's. If you have 243's you have the best of GM stock heads.

    Intake it would require you pulling it and looking for a part number of posting a pic. Common upgrade is the LS6 intake.

    There are some things you can do with the stock heads to improve them, better springs, trunion upgrade for the rockers. Those you would have to pull the valve cover to see. Both those would be strong indicators that a cam was installed.

    Another easier way would be to post a video clip. If it is cam, most of here would be able to tell by the sound. Cammed LSx's have a unique sound.

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    A4 - shift kit w/Frost Tune here.
    Definitely noticeable when she shifts. High shift points, much more precise/harder change. We still have that little "lag" but not as it was before the kit & tune.
    With that being said.......we still need 3200-3400 stall (and another tune) to get all we can from these A4's
    As Jeff said, hard to determine if a kit has been added.
    Just my 2 cents.

    I thought 2001-2002's had the LS6 intake? No EGR would be one way to tell?
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