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Question on mileage

This is a discussion on Question on mileage within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; How does a T/A WS6 hold up when it has saaaay... 107k miles on it. I know it'll depend on ...

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    Question on mileage

    How does a T/A WS6 hold up when it has saaaay... 107k miles on it. I know it'll depend on how well it's been taken care of but I'm wondering if there's just some inherint problems with the car after a ceartain point. A friend told me that with his car type (RX7) they can sometimes loosen up in the door panels after 100k miles and it is annoying to fix. Anything like that for a WS6? I'm going to look at one today that has 107k and I'm kinda nervous about the miles.

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    it should be fine except for wear and tear items. These motors can last to 200k or more if taken care of. The bodies hold up good too. If taken care of, i wouldn't worry about a 107k LS1 f-body. And when you go test drive it don't go crazy over every little sqeak because these aren't the quietest cars even when new.

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    2001 formula

    My 2001 formula LS-1 ram air has 137k miles on the body and it is still air tight and rattle free. It did throw a rod at 133K but it happens .

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