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Question about block in 01 ws6

This is a discussion on Question about block in 01 ws6 within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by pbguy357 damn, I'll change it now hold on. and i bought it from a dealer but said ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pbguy357 View Post
    damn, I'll change it now hold on. and i bought it from a dealer but said had 3 different owners

    Click for full size
    it looks like someone got a goodwrench 350 crate engine sticker from a dealership or ebay,thought "man this looks cool,i think i'll put it on the 3 fiddy in my t/a"

    the sticker is from a gm goodwrench 350 (genI) crate engine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pbguy357 View Post
    Does anyone else's 01 or any year trans am ws6, have a stick saying new Chevy 350 stick on it? Or is this a different block? I'm trying to figure out what all was done to my car before I bought it, so far I have SLP full induction system and the loud mouth II exhust system with 3.5 inch tips. Is there anything else to look for that can be easily spotted?
    Back to this, if it helps, there are many things you can spot easily within 30 seconds. Some of the following may require a lift to see better. I'd check for:
    Filter/lid (which you have you said), MAF is pretty easy to spot, OEM piece has a black rectangle to the right side with writing indicating to point a certain side towards the "air cleaner" or whatever. Bellow (if you wanna count that) will be smoth instead of accordian style, the throttle body is grey/silver and looks OEM, also indicating which side to point for correct flow path. You wouldn't be able to tell if it was ported or polished without removing it quick but if you look at the bump stop near the cable, if it's grinded down a bit then someone did something. The LS6 intake is plastic and black, a clear indication of stock as FAST and other aftermarket ones are usually different material/color. I can't think of anything else engine wise. I mean, valve covers and various wires/braces aren't something that need explaining. (i guess you can see if it has LT's on it as well, stock headers are pretty easy to see).

    On a lift i'd confirm headers, y-pipe, cat-back you said you had, uhm... sfc, ta, lca, phr, shocks/struts are all easy to spot. The last thing I could think of would be to mark a spot on your driveshaft, center it somewhere, and then have 2 guys slowly turn the rear tires at the same time one full rotation while you coulnt how many times the driveshaft turns (using the chalk indicator or w/e you used) Idk if you have 3.42/3.23, didn't recall seeing a trans specification but reguardless, if you're accurate, 4/10s would be an easy spot, as should anything higher than 3.42.
    Idk how much you knew so sorry if I over explained. Good luck :O.
    2002 Black/Ebony M6 WS6: Lid, Filter, Smooth Bellow, P&P TB (!Bump Stop), Magnaflow Cat-Back (dumped after the axle), 4.10s, Hypertech ME Tune, eibach springs 4/4, LCA relocating brackets, PHB, free mods, 17" TTMs.

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    yeah, I've been to a few car shows in the area. used to be at target in valpo but the damn ricer kids messed that all up, so its at chili bowl now. I was thinking of taking a 66 corvette sting ray up there this friday

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