Pontiac Muncie Transmission Rebuild Part One - Muncie Makeover

Rebuild Your Muncie Four-Speed Transmission for Reliable Performance Part I: TeardownAs reliable and consistent as automatic transmissions are, the novelty of selecting gears on your own is one of the reasons manual transmissions remain in vogue with hobbyists. Units from Muncie and Borg Warner were commonly found in Pontiac applications during the '60s and '70s, and, though modern Overdrive manual transmissions are quite popular today, there remain a large number of owners who prefer an original four-speed to an aftermarket unit. This is especially true of restoration projects, where the coding and VINs found on many transmissions are important to the value of a numbers-matching Pontiac.

Photo Gallery: Pontiac Muncie Transmission Rebuild Part One - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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