Pontiac Automotive Battery Boot Camp - Part 2

The History And Identification Of The Delco-Remy Pontiac Battery Part II: The Hard-Top 1966-1975Last month in "Battery Boot Camp," HPP brought you a guide to the Delco-Remy tar-top batteries that powered Pontiacs from 1955 through 1966. While Delco-Remy was pleased with the speed with which it was able to market the 12V battery, the tar-top design was expensive to produce and maintain, and was inherently prone to an extremely short product life. Although there were technological advances in the engineering of the battery-primarily in the design of the internal separators-it became clear by the mid-'60s that the tar-top design itself needed to be retired.

Photo Gallery: Pontiac Automotive Battery Boot Camp - Part 2 - High Performance Pontiac Magazine

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