I have a 97 trans am with a stock lt1 except for msd wires and an msd optispark. When I first put the opti and wires on everything ran incredible but I forgot to do the seals like a jackass and of course oil went everywhere. I tore it back down, did the seals(water pump driveshaft seal, cam/opti seal, crank seal), put the opti back on and somehow the opti broke. Sent it back to the factory and they told me the bearing failed. A month and a half later I finally get it back repaired and put it back on and I'm STILL leaking oil from the front of the engine. Not to mention now I'm having problems I didn't have before: Thick exhuast whenever I stomp on it, hard to start, throwing engine codes p0100, p0118, and p1441 x2. I have been throwing money at this car since day 1 because every week something breaks and I want to just sell it but I have to get it presentable first. Can anyone help me?