Ok Im not sure what route Im gunna go performance/engine wise as of now with my car. All I have now is some LT headers, ORY, catback, and a lid. I think i will get 2 cutouts to put right after the headers because I will put down a good amount of power in the future and want to do it right now so I dont have to spend extra money. So now i think I might do some suspension work. My plan is...UMI 3 pt SFC, adjustable PHB, adj, LCA, adj torque arm, STB, and some Koni shocks. I want a stiff handling car that can get some good traction. I have a 9" with 4.56s so Im hoping I can gain some traction in my first gear lol. This car is mostly a street car but will be seeing the track. It is an m6. Any other advice on parts or what to do would be helpful. Thanks