Hello all. Just joined-up yesterday and this board kicks butt. I've got kind of a "long" post to type out here! I've been a past T-type+Grand National owner, (still an 86 GN owner, engine still apart..), and now added a 96 T/A 6 speed to the fold. It's surely a different animal. It's supercharged and has been lowered with Eibach springs and has Bilstein shocks. The car looks great lowered. It rode fine in Florida but here in Michigan with our half-ass roads, the lowering has got to go. It also has Corvette C-5 wheels with 275/40ZR17's in the front and 265/35ZR18's in the back. First off, the front tires rub on tight turns and the car bottoms out on everything up here. I want to switch the springs back to stock to get more ground clearance and also need to know if these tires are the correct ones for the C5 Vette wheels. Also, I need to know if a 10"x26"x15" slick on a 15" GM/Chevy rim would fit on the back of my Trans Am with the rear disc setup. (I'd ideally like to buy one set of slicks/wheels to use on both cars). Anyone know what wheel-tire size came on the 96 TA's originally?

Thanks in advance for the info guys.