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New Car

This is a discussion on New Car within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; First I'de like to say hey everyone. I'm currently driving a 95 passat with 133000 miles on it, its always ...

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    New Car

    First I'de like to say hey everyone. I'm currently driving a 95 passat with 133000 miles on it, its always in the shop and repairs arent cheap. My parents gave me the idea that theyd help me out with a car as long as I paid the money back over time, but now we may be considering 8 years of schooling so I think that offer will be revoked.
    I wasn't much of a domestic guy, but after riding in this girls ws6 I've made room for at least one. The cars I had been looking at were wrx, 350, s4, rsxs, and rx8s. When I realized I'de have to lower the price down I started to consider some less expensive, slightly older cars. The two I've focused in on are dsms, and t/a's. I'm looking for a car that will be comprable to my friends wrx in speed and will have some decent build quality. I'de be interested in some bolt ons, but nothing like fi, funds wont be available. How do you think a late model M6 t/a would suit me? Thanks.


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    First off, lets see why your maintance is so expensive with the VW. Probably because its an import! So in looking for another car keep that in consideration. By the sound of it you'd be getting another used car not a new one so maintance will be an issue still (just hopefully not a big one ) Speed wise, i'm not certain but I'd a t/a would hang with or beat all the cars you listed. I love my 98. It has 118k miles and runs great but obviously has a little more maintance with those miles but overall very reliable. Good luck in your car search. Just do plenty of research and good luck in college.

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    If you want to rape your friends WRX try and get a 98 or newer, the LS1s are faster then the LT1s, not saying that the LT1s arnt fast and wont beat a WRX the LS1 is just a safe bet in my oppenion, but I picked mine up for 11,000 bucks he was asking 12.1 but I beat him down, lol good times, and at the time I raced a new WRX I just had a Lid, underdrive pullies, and 160* thermostat and I pulled him by about 8 cars from a 20mph roll up to about 90mph so overall you wont have any troble takin your friends WRX. You will love this car if you get one, and if you do try and post pics !!!

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    T/A all the way!

    I bought my '02 WS6 M6 less than 2 months ago. I had a 2005 Hyundai Tiburon V-6, six speed. I was looking for a new car and was looking at the WRX's also. Then I saw my dream car...2002, WS6, T-tops, M6, with only 35,000 miles on it! I got it for $18,000, I could have got it for a lil cheaper, but someone was trying to buy the car at the same time I was, so I couldn't hesitate. My car is bone stock and in the last 2 months I have raced and beat a 3000gt, wrx, srt-4, several Mustang GT's(new and old). I love this car!!! I get compliments constantly. Just drive all the other cars you listed, then drive a T/A...after that, the choice will be easy...

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    A LS1 T/A is the way to go if you like power and reliability. It will blow away everything on your list power wise. You can do a couple of mods to make it handle as well as the other also. That's my biggest problem with T/A's & WS6's is they really have a lot of body roll in the turns stock. For the price you just can't beat what you get! Good luck in your search.

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    How well do they perform in autox with minor suspension mods? I'm definately shooting for a ls1, ws6 would be perfect if I could find one for the right price. I'll probably end up with a formula though. I'm hoping to get the money togethor by mid-summer... or as soon as my car blows up. I'de just like to say thanks, you all have been a major help. I'll have to do some test drives, lately the t/a has been really growing on me. Youll definately hear from me more if it's my pick, I'm sure I'll eventually need some opinions on parts.


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