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Need some advice; sell whole or part out

This is a discussion on Need some advice; sell whole or part out within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Bit of a backstory first, I was in an accident on February 13 of this year and from that time ...

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    Need some advice; sell whole or part out

    Bit of a backstory first, I was in an accident on February 13 of this year and from that time till now I had an attorney representing me in accident. I was cited for "failure to yield - left turn" though the case was dismissed after I spoke with the city attorney. The citing officer had agreed to write a supplemental report where he said I had the right of way, but somewhere in the process, decided that "what the city attorney does is his business" and basically told me to go f' myself. Anyways, my attorney informed me today that since I dont have the supplemental report, he is no longer going to represent me :-/

    I unfortunately STILL owe on the car. I bought it in 06 when I worked at a dealership and made the bone head mistake of financing for 5 years for a low payment instead of the 3 yrs I should have done.

    Here are pics of the car:

    It really pains and saddens me to have reached this point, but with student loans kicking in and having to have bum rides this whole time in hopes of a fix, I have to sell it. Would selling it whole be better or parting it out? What could I realistically ask for if I sold it whole?
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    sorry those pics mad me sick....

    Sorry for your loss. A couple of questions. Your insurance refusing to pay? If case has been dismissed you no longer are held responsible, unless I'm missing something. Why would the lawyer drop you? and was it really a bad thing he did? <Fees

    Looking at the pics, the whole front clip is Fwack' What you hit a wall?

    You might be able to part out, but I'm pretty sure you can't get enough to cover your loss. Selling it out right would most likely be an even bigger loss. Parting just takes alot of time and effort.

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