Went to put new brakes on the bird and am haveing trouble divers side went on fine when to put on the pass the it too tight pads seem too thick.

so i force it on and i get it together and drive down the road and it starts to pull. so i get it home and take off the wheel and the rotor snaped at the hub.

so now i go get a new rotor, thinking i couldnt get the brakes on cause the old rotor was warped. so i put the new rotor on and it still wont fit together.

so i mic the rotor and it thicker then the old one. so what do i do now its the right rotor from advance went trough all the yrs v6 v8 caramro we looked at ever thing. that what it calls for.

if i get the rotor shaved down a litte to hopfuly make it fit, that still dont tell me why the pads would not fit on the old rotor.

any ideas, and yes the piston was all the way in.