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Need 4 speed....02 TA

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    02 TA

    Need 4 speed....02 TA

    I just got it, a few days ago and need some help to make this car fast, how much HP will I get with this stuff and give me your opions also, would like alot of feed back, please....

    I have a 2002 TA with under 30k miles and its a automatic, I want to be around 450 to 500 horse power, this is what I what done, but let me know if its to much, but I have many question too, so please bare with me and help me. This car will get about 100 miles a week on it or less. I know this will take some time to do and I really appreciate your time and help, just let me know when you can start doing the work.

    Things I want done: slp lid, maf- porting, descreened or leave it alone, headers – long tubes 1 7/8 or 1 Ύ, pushrods – 7.4”, fast throttle body – 90mm or 78 mm, ported & polished, intake fast manifold, 3.73 gears, torque converter – yank ss or vigilante 3200 or 3600, smooth bellows 3x3, Ls2 timing chain, trans cooler, sub frame & rear frame connectors, custom dyno tuning & what does this include, 160 thermostat, under drive & alternator pulley with harmonic dampering just on the crank, shift kit, water pump, vette o2 oxygen sensor, beehive design retainers, Now for cam I have no clue but I don’t want it to sound choppy or rough, here is some I thought might work, help me with this g2g5 custom cam 224/230 .581/.572 114 lsa, tsp 228/228 .588/.588 114 lsa, zo6 cam 224/224 .560/.560 114 lsa, dla 248/254 .629/.622 113 lsa, comp cam 224/224 .581/.581 114 lsa, zo6 cam 230/236 .590/.590 114 lsa, comp cam 216/218 .525/.532 114 lsa, now exhaust go with 3” or 2.5” and here are some that mind sound great tell me what you think. --
    - Kooks LT, x pipe hf cats and sweet thunder muffler
    - Qtp LT, tsp x pipe hf cats and sweet thunder muffler
    - Kooks LT, tsp 3” true duals, x pipe, and sweet thunder muffler
    - Qtp or Kooks LT, true duals , not cats and sweet thunder muffler
    - Qtp LT, qtp catted y pipe and gmmg cat back
    - Tea 1.5 heads, qtp LT, qpt catted y and gmmg cat back
    - Thunder racing cam 224/224, .563/.563 112 lsa, kook LT, catted y and slp loud mouth

    Now some questions I have and do I need this or no:

    Roller cam, coolant plugs, valve springs, do I need to change heads, coolant bypass, mass airflow sensors, injectors, throttle body plate, motor mounts.

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    Don't descreen the MAFS. BAD IDEA!

    Put a 150 shot of NOS on the car and call it a day.

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    $$$$$$$$$$money will get you there knowledge and careful planning will get you there the first time.

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    welcome to the site what part of philly u from? if u want 450-500 hp mark maybe if u did full exhaust lid heads and a cam and a stroker kit should get u there with a good tune

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    450- 500 hp at wheels or crank. 450 at wheels youll defenetly need better head with one of those cams. If you want decent idle youll need to stick with the cams that have 114 lsa wich also helps your Vacuum for your brakes, butt im with the other dude, spray that bad boy these things love getting juiced.

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    Slow down, start with the basics and then see what you want to do from there as you read threads and gain knowledge. The first mods i did were sub frame connectors, a lid, lower control arms, exhaust and an underdrive pulley. Take care of that stuff first then think about the other stuff like headers/cam/heads/intake and do all those at once along with a tune and transmission stuff.
    Pacesetter Headers- ORY
    Texas Speed 228R Cam/Moly Pushrods/918 Springs
    Slp Under Drive Pulley
    Texas Speeds Rumbler Catback
    SFC's, Lakewood LCA's
    Koni SA 4/3, Strano Springs
    Dyno Tune
    LS7 Clutch, Nitto DR's
    407 RWHP 377 Ft./lbs.

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    hey I'm from right outside philly and I was a mechanic for a few years. I'd be happy to help you out if you want. I should have my car within a month, I am still looking around for the right one. Let me know

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