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My WS6 search continues

This is a discussion on My WS6 search continues within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by LSCyaL8R yes it must be a six speed... my poor saturn is one gear short... manual all ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LSCyaL8R View Post
    yes it must be a six speed... my poor saturn is one gear short... manual all the way for me. and 100,000 miles simply will not do in my opinion its just asking for a headache. I dont tend to beat on cars the way i once did and this is why i prefer something low miles to start with. less squeaks rattles and rust. I bought a 12 year old car with 36k miles and have thus far not needed to sink one thin dime into repairs.

    Another point you make is that you bought your car 6 months ago.... to be quite honest 6 months ago there was a 2002 WS6 near me... white 6spd 70k miles they "claimed" that they were asking 18k a few weeks earlier but wouldn't let me have it for 13,500 i think i offered. it ended up at auction after they lowered their asking price to 14k.

    when the major makers have stockpiles of over 2million unsold 2008 models sitting around... the used car market takes a major hit... theres a reason the new ones aren't selling. people are just broke. almost nobody on this board has ever lived to see a financial mess like this. we are in the worst shape in the post WWII era. soon unemployment will reach those levels as well..... they are predicting almost 10% unemployment by the end of 09 and for those that know what unemployment REALLY means that is only a part of the picture since unemployment only tracks people who are "participants" it ignores those people that are so fed up they have stopped looking for work. This is one of the reasons i'm being very patient with this. Who knows if i'm still working at the end of 09? I need the money for the car first!!! back in the 30's after the stock market crash bugattis and caddy's were selling for pennies on the dollar. we're not so far off from that right now.... the normal rules do not apply any more.

    sorry for the rant....

    relevant link:

    I read that and it freaked me out a bit... maybe thats why i'm acting like this...
    TRUE, man im 24 have saved money and drove a 1996 Z71 I got a loan on 5 years ago its paid off and I got a jet ski and a 05 R6 and paid them off, for 2 years ive saved to get out of my parents house so me and my girl can get a house and I sold my jet ski and crotch rocket and got my trans am, Ive always wanted a WS6 or a vette since high school, I had a 1979 factory 4 spd Z28 factory 3:73 gears and lumpy cam with built heads that ran 13.60's when i was 16-19 years old and them LS1 cars just started coming out and I was gettin wooped by bolton LS1 cars runnin 13.20's-30's that didnt sound fast at all....then the a 02 WS6 I seen go 12.88 on street slicks, it was a completely stock car, and the guy told me if I ever got one to get a 01-02 WS6 or formula WS9 I think he said...he said they had more power than the factory stated so I finally got this 2001 WS6, made sure it was real and had 6spd and went 13.08 .08 from 12 seconds with street tires and a air box lid for power, thats nuts to me............but now I am laid off and no money, its all went to this car, its winter here so the $5000 ive put into it since the 13.08 hasnt been tested yet, but me and my buddy have a $500 bet goin..he runs 12.45's in his 01 Z06 vette.....i'll get him someway somehow

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    Quote Originally Posted by getcha01 View Post
    there were 2 to every 3 WS6 in 01 that were auto's, everyone wanted the WS6 look, but lot women or men that didnt know how to drive sticks, sticks in WS6 or vettes are a lot harder to find than autos, do a search on ebay
    i agree . . thats true too

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    This is true about the 01-02 WS6's its known that these cars would routinely dyno at over 300hp to the wheels when only rated at 315-325. The factory rating was only to keep a power difference between the fbody and vette when in reality there is no power difference... just a weight difference. I think many here will agree and timeslips of vettes and fbods of the era usually support the argument. The LS1 powered fbody is certainly a beast. in 99 pop mechanics did a test on the fastest cars money can buy and a 99 formy WS6 ran neck and neck with a ferrari f355 in fact the only car with a REAL lead over the WS6 was the dodge viper.

    Today is a different world though. Its crazy to think of the speed and power available to the average driver these days. in only a few months ford will release the 2010 Taurus. You may ask "why mention a 4 door family hauler in a thread about WS6's and fast cars?" Simple.... The 2010 Taurus SHO is the answer to that question.... we're talking VCD all wheel drive 365hp from a 3.5L Twin Turbo V6.... you can be sure that 400+ hp SHO's will be on the road before september on computer tuning alone. With 20 inch rims wrapped in summer michellins from the factory and all that power feeding all wheel drive that is one fast grandpamobile. diff ratio for the SHO is 3.17 for those that are interested.

    It pretty amazing to think that with all the computer controls and modern conveniences found in the 4th gen fbody that it is now the rough crude muscle car of today, and i wouldn't want it any other way. gimme a low mile WS6 let me save my cash and pop in a nice lumpy LS3. I don't need to go fast to enjoy it... i just need to hear it and know its there.

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    I just bought this one for my wife, looked for 3-4 months, knew of the previous owner and would have gone to 9,000.3

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