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Multiple owner WS6s

This is a discussion on Multiple owner WS6s within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; I've been looking at 00-02 WS6's for a few months. I have came across 2 or 3with 40,000-50,000 miles on ...

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    Multiple owner WS6s

    I've been looking at 00-02 WS6's for a few months. I have came across 2 or 3with 40,000-50,000 miles on them with anywhere from 3-5 owners but come back clean according to carfax. Is there a reason to be cautious with these? It seems like most of the ones I have ran through carfax have had more than 2 owners. Do people buy these and get tired of them after a year or two or is there a problem? Would you be hesitant to buy one that has had 3-5 owners but otherwise is in good shape with under 50,000 miles?

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    most of the original owners dumped them after the 36k mile warrenty was up. Then came the 2nd and 3rd owners who usually have them for another 30k or so and if you're lucky did some mods to them (first owners never mod due to warrenty violations). I'd say that the economy and the cost of having one of these cars is just too much for some people [i almost sold mine] and you hear it day to day on here "i have to sell, i can't afford it" b/c the insurance is high, the car payment is pretty big and if a part does malfunction, unless you know your shit, it's hard to maintain them for cheap.

    Soooo, maybe use it to your advantage "hey sales guy, this thing is a bomb ready to blow up, you think you can knock off $2k so i don't have to deal with some other asshole's problems?"

    good luck.

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    '02 WS6

    I bought mine with 60K miles and a few mods, only drive it to work once a week, if that, as I have four cars. I do not intend to ever sell mine either.

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    Each car has its own history

    It really depends on each and every car and you need to do your homework. These cars could get real old to someone who had no idea what they were buying (rough ride, insurance, repairs) which would mean nothing to a subsequent owner other than it changing hands a few times. The car would be fine and just looking for that right owner. On the other hand you could be buying a 'burned out' car that gets a new owner every 10k who runs the hell out of them.
    Overall, it is probably best to look for that one or two owner car that has documented paperwork (maintenance) to ease your mind. I personally would prefer the latter. Good luck with your search.

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    2000 Trans Am WS6

    I am the third owner of the TA, and now have 50,000 miles on it. For me, I've considered selling it to buy another toy of some sort, be it a boat, old car, beater daily driver and have $$ in the bank, etc. I've done the car show/Sunday driver thing and have been thinking other options. Maybe that applies to others as well. Like others have stated, be careful of what you buy, and maintenance records and receipts are a very good thing.
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