I have a 97 trans am and I just replaced the stock opti with the msd pro billet one and also msd wires. It ran absolutely fantastic, much smoother than it had before and I was happy. Then I realized I had a horrible oil leak and upon further research found out I forgot to do the seals for the water pump drive and opti. Took it back apart today, put in the new seals and put everything back together like it was. Now I can't get it to start at ALL. I took everything back apart and checked inside the opti to see if anything got in it but no its perfectly clean. I made sure the wires were on right a million times. I turned the crank with a ratchet to get the TDC notch on the balancer yoke pointed straight up with the cam opti drive peg in the 9 o'clock position just like it said to do to make sure everything went on exactly right. What the heck am I doing wrong? Did my opti break already or what I JUST bought it. Not to mention it worked before I removed it today. Somebody tell me what I screwed up. Oh also I tested for spark from the ignition module and its good, and tested for power going to the opti which is also good. The engine cranks but stumbles and sputters and barely fires at all, won't stay running for anything.