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mods help please???

This is a discussion on mods help please??? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; looking for a few good mods for my 2000 ta.. im getting custom exhaust this weekend with hooker long tubes ...

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    mods help please???

    looking for a few good mods for my 2000 ta.. im getting custom exhaust this weekend with hooker long tubes and im running race cats and race bullet mufflers.. im looking for cam sizes that will give me that mean lope at an idle but yet not be too loud while driving.. i also want to increase horsepower as much as possible.. im really looking for some raw motor power upgrades no turbos or superchargers.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. oh and if anyone knows where i can get a ram air intake system and a ram air HO hood for a decent price let me know PLEASE!!!!

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    you going to drive this car everyday or just fair weather?
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    couple common daily driver cams are 224/224 .561/.561 114lsa and 228/228 .588/.588 114lsa but as NHRA was asking if you plan on only driving in fair weather you could probably stand to have a bit bigger cam. You are going to need all the supporting mods to go with it. Ported oil pump only if your psi now isnt so good, LS2 timing chain, TC if your an a4, pushrods and springs etc. and of course the infamous tune.
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