Changed camshaft to the SLP grind 51011 and then installed GTO MAF and this sucker started to really richen up fuel trim to where I cant lean out no more on my Diablosport tuner. It still runs at -18 at cruising speeds. 1320 confirmed my slow ass at only 13.2@106.2! I did that stock!! I know I need a real powertune, but Ive heard that aftermarket MAF's arent worth the $$. I have a stock GTO unit that is much larger in diameter from delphi and didnt know if this too qualified as not worth $$ and effort! I did get "service engine soon" and gave me a misfire code. It seemed that I kept bogging 2nd. and 3thrd. gear and dropped as much as 2 mph in trap speed! Think this is just a tuning issue? or just a bad MAF!!??