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LS1 Power!!

This is a discussion on LS1 Power!! within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Whats the easiest way to put the most power into your stock LS1? Limited cash, limited mechanical experiance......

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    LS1 Power!!

    Whats the easiest way to put the most power into your stock LS1? Limited cash, limited mechanical experiance...

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    airlid,k and n airfilter, catback, free mods, are just a few.

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    Limited cash + limited mechanical experiance = better leave it alone.
    With bolt on's and free mods you gonna feel some more power for a week, then you will ask for more.
    I'd invest the cash in a scanner + editor and learn how to use them.
    Then learn how those cars work and how to modify them.
    Then set a goal and find out what you need to achieve it... then check if you have the cash!

    But without a precise goal... I wouldn't touch it.
    Free mods are BS (to my opinion). Worst of all is descreening the MAF, the rest won't hurt the car too much.
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    how much cash exactly? in my opinion, modding a car is a step by step process, in that there are certain things that need to be done before you move on to other mods. for instance, it would be a waste to put on a set of heads and a cam if you haven't installed a full intake/exhaust setup.

    if you want the most difference, the best thing would be to get a set of gears (~$600 installed), an airlid ($100, easy to install yourself), free mods (easy to do yourself), and a catback ($300-800 depending on the system, might want to have it installed also if you don't want to do it yourself).
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    he's got a good point.

    Ok, mr "16 and hard-on for destruction," keep in mind the week points on these cars are the differenctial and clutch. I'd say mod those first then get fierce on the engine with cam/heads/exhaust [all of that could be a massive 10 grand or more, but well spent]. You're lucky you're young, if you want this thing to be absolutely insane when you reach college spend the money on the right places. Are you doing this for track or bragging rights?

    if you want instant power, LS1's are good for a 75 nitrous shot. But like the guys said, you'll need to get exhaust work if you do power adders. No use sounding stock if you're not stock.

    important: take your time, and have a plan. good luck, and be safe.

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    It took me about 4 years to get where I am right now and I've been taking my time working with almost every aspect on my WS6. First mod which will be a definate improvement should be sub frame connectors to stiffin up your ride. If you plan on going big power, this is a must and by far the best mod you can first do. I noticed when I did some mild mods, my frame seemed to tweak. After a month my t tops leaked. I installed my SFC's, no leaks, much stiffer ride. But if you don't want to go that route, basic free mods, if you have an M6, do the skip shift. If you have a 98-99, do the EGR Mod. Lid is definately a must. It makes it look so much better and it'll give you a nice little increase. Don't touch your MAF, leave it stock. Catback, possibly headers and a Y pipe, Pulley and pretty much be done with it.
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    I did mine in stages up until recently then one mod after the other. I messed up and did my sub frame connectors last. I should have had them in first. But ask around and find people in your area and see what they have done and if you need help ask. Most LS1 guys will help out a fellow guy.
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    how much are sub frame connectors gonna run you?

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