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This is a discussion on Lowering within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hey guys I got a 98 trans am and ima put the Texas speed true duals and lt pacesetters. I ...

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    Hey guys I got a 98 trans am and ima put the Texas speed true duals and lt pacesetters. I was jus wonderig what's the lowest i could go without scraping? Is it the eiback pro kit? how low though please help

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    I have the Eibach Pro-Kit with Pacesetter LT's and ORY. The drop is is advertised as 1.5" but I think my car ended up closer to 2". As far as clearance issues, I have had no real problems. The bigger speed bumps are a little scary but I have yet to scrape. I just take them with the classic "one wheel at a time" method and proceed very slowly.
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    Yeah I dont like how low my car is. Scraping and breaking things is mostly what I do. Fixing that this weekend though. going to stock height

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    I lowered my front and kept the stock springs in the it that classic muscle car look and it rides A LOT better.

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    my car is lowered ALOT, im not sure how much tho, i barely have clearance in between the tires and fender wells. and ive got kooks longtubes and y but the onlything that scrapes IF anything does is right under my tranny right sfter the y
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