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Looking into basic bolt ons

This is a discussion on Looking into basic bolt ons within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by Ramairgod84 And those will bolt right up for us? What kind of gains can you get from ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramairgod84 View Post
    And those will bolt right up for us? What kind of gains can you get from those intakes? I just havent heard much about people switching out their intakes on f bodies for the ls2/3/7 intakes.
    well 3 and 7 are not cathedral ports ..and the ls7 has larger intake ports..then the 3

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    some good basic mods:

    -exhaust: longtube headers, bigger ypipe, or at least the slp ypipe that bolts to the factory manifolds/cats. i was running slp longtubes and an offroad ypipe into a magnaflow catback. now i have the longtubes, with moroso spiralflows going into an xpipe that i made from 2 ypipes by cutting them in half and welding them together(sounds awesome and my neighbors actually like me) the slp longtubes are great, but only if you stiffen the suspension, and bigger wheel/tire combos help with ground clearance, otherwise you will scrape the collectors all over the place. i heard that pacesetters offer good ground clearance, as well as flowtech. kooks are incredible in both performance and quality, but they are expensive, look at spending around $1300 just for parts for the kooks, whereas other brands might only set you back $6-700 or so.

    -slp intake lid i like, and looks good, but have heard bad things about; i would still go with it

    -subframe connectors are a MUST!!! they eliminate alot of chassis flex and also help to lessen waves that appear on the top of the quarterpanels after rompin on the car for a while, big handling imporvement

    -strut tower brace: again, helps with flex and improves handling

    -gears can free up some performance, for a daily driver i would go with something like 3.73's or 3.90s from motive; strong gears and yet pretty quiet. Richmonds are loud as hell.

    -underdrive pulley: less rotating mass off the crankshaft, helps the engine rev quicker

    -electric water pump: again, less rotational mass from the accessory drive

    -lower tstat

    -free mod to bypass the antifreeze line going to the throttle body

    -ls7 clutch, but i would go with an aluminum flywheel so the engine can rev more freely

    -do something better than stock brakes when you go to replace them

    -i have polyurethane bushings; not required but hey, i like em

    other than that, you can change the tires and wheels, maybe some c5 vette wheels, torque thrust, whatever you like.
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