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Looking At exhaust any suggestions

This is a discussion on Looking At exhaust any suggestions within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; i have flowmaster, it sounds great but some claim that it doesnt flow well at all, but if you do ...

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    i have flowmaster, it sounds great but some claim that it doesnt flow well at all, but if you do get a flowmaster get the 40 series it flows better than the 80 series

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    ok, california emmisions are a bitch i'll tell you that. I can't even pass with my setup. Sniffer won't pass me either unless the cutout is open. As far as nice fitting headers, look into Hooker Headers. They have a great fit and with the Y will run about $700. Look into a set of Dynatech 3"bullet cats for the ORY. You can pass emmisions as long as all your emmisions are still on the car and you can pass visually. Get a tune done as well to help you out by correcting your A/F. As long as all 4 O2's are in, EGR, and AIR, you won't have much of an issue with emmisions

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    I have a 2002 Trans Am WS-6 CE & I just got my exhaust done last week. I converted the Y-Pipe to an X-Pipe & had to get two Magnapacks from Magnaflow instead of the regular Magnaflow muffler due to lack of space. The car sounds awesome... my friend has a '99 Cobra & I took my car with me to his car meet... once I revved the engine all those Mustangers turned, stared at my car, & were impressed... yeah getting positive attention at a Mustang meet with an F-Body is not easy but it happened. Definite HP improvement... haven't gotten it dynoed so not sure about the increase... and a deep, throaty sound but not too obnoxious- sounds awesome at higher RPMs! I also live in SOCAL & I passed my emissions with no problem. I recommend this set up.

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    Im in the process of doin the same as Pheonix01 plus some Pacesetter LTs

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