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Looking for the dream car!

This is a discussion on Looking for the dream car! within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Well sorry guys I know this thread seems to be usually reserved for mechanical problems(didn't really know where to post ...

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    Looking for the dream car!

    Well sorry guys I know this thread seems to be usually reserved for mechanical problems(didn't really know where to post this). I was wondering if you guys could still give me some input, you see I'm planning on buying a 01-02 Trans Am convertible, WS6, silver or pewter with under 30k miles in about 2 months.
    I live in Canada and I can save atleast 5k $ Canadian if not more buying in the states. Now I know half of you guys probably know of someone on this site thats selling exactly what I want. But because of all the pain in the ass paper work and what not that there is I am going to buy from a dealer this way my ass is covered. Atleast for my first attempt at importing.
    So finally for the question, at a quick look on various sites you can tell that the further south you go the cheaper the cars are. Now I live in Saskatchewan which is basically centered. So I wouldn't go very much further then nevada, north texas MAYBE, tennessee... generally. Much further then that is one fuck of a trip. So any VERY well known dealership that has excellent exceptional service would be what I'm looking for. If you could give me some numbers, name and addresses that would be awesome.

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    post this in the firebird section bro! its to late for me to think and answer your question..i'll get at it tomorrow

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    I'll move it to the firebird section and maybe someone there will be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck!!

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    I can tell you i live in southern California and payed 18,000 for an 02 WS6 with t-tops and almost every option and 44,000 miles on it from a dealership down in the San Diego area. Which was a couple grand under blue book. I live in a city of about 300,000 and always buy my vehicles in L.A. or another big city do to all the competition they sell their cars for well under blue book. Alot of dealerships also sell their cars at a special internet price which is no haggle pricing. Usually a couple grand under the price thats on the window. Check out auto trader and you'll find what you looking for go to advanced search and narrow it down to exactly what your looking for.

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    HI dude, Im a saskatchewanite my self, welcome to the board. I imported my black 02 WS6 as well. Went through Saturn of Regina nice guys there. GAve me dealer plates to drive the car until the final papers came in. They carfax every one and reject any that had major work done, went through 4 till they found this one. They even usally have a few on the lot too. Might be a bit pricey though total for me was 33k after taxes and extended warrenty but they saw me coming.

    Forgot to add that(thid might be dealer drivel) but the cars they bring in are from the south US, mine came in trom Texas, just be prepaired to wait a bit. Customs likes to take their time.

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