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long tube run problems

This is a discussion on long tube run problems within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; somebody help before i lose what's left of my hair.. just finished a hooker lt and off road y-pipe install. ...

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    Red face long tube run problems

    somebody help before i lose what's left of my hair..
    just finished a hooker lt and off road y-pipe install.
    car has airlid/slp maf/corsa catback-no cats now though.and a pricey
    slp diablo tune.wants to lay down snap crackle and pop under 2k.above that
    car runs codes with my diablo or a gm tech 2.have re checked
    everything i can think of?took out the tune put stock back in and re did tune has really smelled like a rich condition since the tubes.but all shows
    o2's workin correct.took out the slp maf and put the stock back in but no change.please don't tell me i need a high $ local shop tune on this thing?
    tho ugh slp/diablo prog would take care of 8/.06/06 be aware... the slp/diablo
    does not!!!! let you advance the find out after you buy it? there's an note in the box
    not to happy with slp products $ and bad results so far/took their maf off my car better with stockunit.
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    My car kind of did the same thing. I raised the idle rpm a little and advanced the spark a little and that took car of it.

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    with longtubes and ory you wouldnt "need" a tune. You would get more out of the instail as far as hp to the wheels. your car will run a lil rich with your current setup but so does mine and many other ls1 others. I would reload the stock tune and see if it gets any better. When you say smack crackle and so forth what do you mean? Is is misfiring or just louder now that you have lt's and ory?
    Im not really understanding the problem your having
    2001 SS, Its not the car its the Driver that matters....

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    get a professional dyno tune... but if you do put some more parts first hahha-- yeah you need to explain the prob a little more man- its a kinda hard to tell

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    your A/F will be off when you put them on, so i would suggest a tune for sure

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    Did you ever get this worked out? Lay down snap crackle and pop isn't a very good description. Is it cutting out or stalling or something? With a LT install you really shouldn't have those types of issues. If that's what it's doing I'd make sure you have your O2's hooked up correctly and don't have a wire laying on a header somewhere burned up. Did you guy O2 extensions or fab your own?

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    2002 ws6 trans am

    Cool long tube run problems not solved

    thanks to all who gave a reply to my query.about the lt install.
    i have lost all my hair over this.i started at sq one and backed tracked all
    i can think of.
    1)the car feels like it backfires in the y pipe.and yes i am aware of the y/pipe
    hitting the's not that.the car smells real bad and strong .can't be in the garage w/o a fan has no bottom end trq or giddyup like stock.
    and when manually shftin the car at the shift point it burps and feels weak
    this is hard to pulls farly good after 2800rpm but still not as strong and even as idle up to 25/2800 rpm is weak/choppy.i have reflashed
    and even put in a new gm pcm.and run it that way.better but no cigar!
    and my gm tech has looked at the spec with a tech2.and i'm showing all is good.timing/o2's fuel trims are within specs.i install the slp diablo and i might
    as well park just does'nt seem to rap as smooth and strong like stock
    hve tried to modify the slp/diablo tune but nothing has changed for the better but the idle rpm?car is an 4l60e.air lid/hooker lt's and ory pipe.corsa
    cat back....2002 ws6??? cars runs but with my foot in the firewall??????

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