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Kinda Weird

This is a discussion on Kinda Weird within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Ya, not all are bad I had a guy in a black mustang GT raising his hand at me at ...

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    Ya, not all are bad I had a guy in a black mustang GT raising his hand at me at a turn thought he was gonna flick me off but it was actually a thumbs up i thought that was pretty cool.

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    That was hilarious. Loved it. I never get a chance to race around here that much. Everyone pretty much knows about the LS1s here. On that note, I was a taco hell one night. I pull around to the drive through and, no kidding, there are three '01-05 mushstanks sitting there. Two GTs and a Mach 1. Anyway, they all were playing around and revving their engines while they waited. As I pull up, I hear this. Put my car in neutral and gave one nice big engine rev. Them boys whipped around and not a single one of them revved again. After I got my food I was looking for them but they were all gone. I had a great laugh all the way home.

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    yeah i had a couple guys yesterday standing around my car asking questions. most people have no idea what an ls1 is so when they ask "what you got in that thing man" i just say i have a couple goodies, or it's just a little small block. if i say it's an ls1 i get a puzzled look. and what do you guys think the main question was??? yup, can it hang with one of those new mustangs. i wanna puke when i hear that question, if one even had a chance when mine was stock there is no way in hell one will stick with me now. i can't wait to catch up with one of the new ones so i can tell anyone in question that i have personally raced one and handed his ass to him.

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    I luv it, loser point of view. I think I may join their forum just to poke fun at them. I hate how in their forum when words cars and auto are hovered over with you mouse I facking ad pops up. that would drive me insane.

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    That's awesome... can't wait to find another one. I used to have a mustang that would run with an LS1. a 347 stroker fully built engine with 373's but problem is your not exclusive everyone has one.

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