Last Wednesday I came out of class and I disarmed my alarm and it chirped 4 times. That let me know that my car took some kind of hit and or someone was trying to mess with it. Yesterday which was Tuesday I noticed some kind of white residue on my Weather strip by my window near the top. The white residue was also on the black convertible top too. I was sure that someone had messed with it. I remember seeing these two guys who looked odd. They were both wearing dark grey suits with these wrinkled ass white shirts and I remember them looking at me as I walked around my car. I got in and they just walked slowly over to this poorly taken care of bmw and they just stopped and looked in it. I know it was them. I'm going to beat that ass if I see them near my car again. Luckily my alarm is set so sensitive it scared them away.

anyhow I found a site that gives some good tips.

check it out