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Just need a little insight.

This is a discussion on Just need a little insight. within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Just confused a bit everyone. I have an '02 WS6. Mostly stock seeing I only have a lid, k&n, FRA, ...

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    Just need a little insight.

    Just confused a bit everyone. I have an '02 WS6. Mostly stock seeing I only have a lid, k&n, FRA, and the TB bypass. No other mods what-so-ever. The other night I was driving down one of the main roads here in town and I pass this C6 vette pulling out of a parking lot right behind me. I'm thinking, why not have some fun. I wait till he pulls up next to me...three honks...and we're off. I jump about a half a car on him and we're stuck. He can't catch me and I"m not pulling. Up to around 120 then we both let off seeing the speed limit is only 40. I was actually surprised and he was too, but he did give me a thumbs up. On top of this, I had two other people in the car with me so I outweighed him greatly. Do I have a factory freak or does he have a slow vette. I would've figured that a C6 would have handed me my rear in a handbasket. Maybe if he was an automatic and mine being a 6 speed? Higher gearing and just got the drop on him? If so, why couldn't he catch me? I'm not upset by any means, don't get me wrong. I'm exstatic, just thought the C6 was quicker than that.

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    He might not know how to drive it at all or you could have a factory freak. But honestly, a win is a win. Take it. You beat a C6

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    i didnt beat c6 but i raced a 02 or 03 i think it was, a couple times at the drag races and i beat him by a nose or so both times.. feels great doing that

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