So I just got my 98 Ram Air T/A and I love it, but I do have some issues with a few things. I've been driving an Audi A4 for the past 3 years and have gotten very used to the quality of the interior that German cars offer. Let's face it, the T/A wasn't designed to be a luxury or even semi-luxury vehicle. Now from what I've seen browsing through this site, and online retailers is that most people car a lot less about the inside and a lot more about the outside and what's under the hood. I agree the T/A is a muscle car and those are the things that matter most but I'm still wondering what I can do about the inside. Here is my short list of thing I want to upgrade inside..

1) I hate the steering wheel, has anyone considered the feasibility of swapping a different steering wheel in? Maybe from a Corvette or new GTO, I think the Wheel from the new GTO would go along way to really improving the dated look of the interior.

2) Something has to be done about the stock head unit. I wouldn't mind dropping 1500 bucks on a nice in-dash Nav system, so if anyone has any suggestions let me know.

3) The pedal set-up in my Audi is very conducive to heel-toe shifting but I can't seem to get it right in the T/A. I will probably end up fabing my own pedal set but if there are any out there that people really like, again I'd love to know.

4) I love the seats but if anyone has pics of a T/A with aftermarket racing/sport seats in it I would love to see what kind of difference it makes to the over all look on the interior.

Thanks for reading this far.. I think that's the end to my list of complaints. Any help or pics or ideas would be greatly appreciated and before you go off and flame me I do plan many other mods past just looks. The whole suspension/handling aspect will be taken care of from sub frame connectors to shocks and springs to wheels and tires to big brakes. Horsepower will also be addressed, I'm thinking STS remote turbos since I am a turbo kind of guy. But that's all for a different post on a different day.