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Interior nuts/bolts/screws

This is a discussion on Interior nuts/bolts/screws within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; The black car I got is missing alot of misc screws, nuts and bolts for the interior. Anyone know where ...

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    Interior nuts/bolts/screws

    The black car I got is missing alot of misc screws, nuts and bolts for the interior. Anyone know where I can buy these as a kit short of going to a scrap yard and trying to root through f-bodies that have interiors in them and taking them out myself?

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    Maybe this will get you going in the right dirrection..

    Automotive Hardware | Auto Body Bolts | Auto Body Clips | Auto Retainers

    Every nut, bolt, and screw has a class and type..

    Many times cheap screw kits are just a cheap jumble of junk.

    If you want good or exact matches you'll likely have to take the time and get same type matches by putting together a "kit" yourself from individual assortments of nuts, bolts, and screws.

    Either from a fastener store like the link above, a junk yard, or your local hardware (which may not carry many automotive type fasteners) that you need.

    Or, just live with the oddity of using whatever comes close..

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    We have at least 2 members parting out their cars right now -- ls1camino and blackcar. I already purchased a few interior fasteners from blackcar.

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    Almost all GM vehicles used the same interior fasteners since the mid 80's. 7mm, 10mm, #15 Torx screws, phillips head screws, and those black push-in clips. No need to root through F-Bodies only. Just a little heads-up for ya the next time you are diggin in the junkyard.

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