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Insurance claim to paint?

This is a discussion on Insurance claim to paint? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Did'nt read all the posts but in my honest oppy it smells like fraud so be carefull......

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    Did'nt read all the posts but in my honest oppy it smells like fraud so be carefull...

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    Damn. I had no idea some insurance rates were this high on these cars. I have geico and a 250 Ded and we pay 450 every six months for mine and my wife's car combined with full coverage on both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryceslu View Post
    Yeah I would do some more research into think about it...does it make since they are $100's lower than any other insurance company?

    No...they must only insure the car.
    Hagerty's rates are lower because they have usage restrictions, be aware that Hagerty does provide full coverage for you and the other party but their policies contain specific language limiting the allowed use of your vehicle, so they may not pay if they find out the car is driven regularly.

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    Lot's of good info scattered here and there in this post for you.

    1. Insurance companies do report to a central bureau like the credit card companies do, they also look at your credit score.
    2. It is most likely fraud to submit a claim for something that has yet to occur, ie this post could be used against you, unless your car really was damaged.
    3. unless you have agreed value insurance, they may total your car as a paint job may be more costly than the % value of the car to save it.
    4. Hagerty and other like insurance companies will not insure your car if it is primary transportation. Little old lady clobbers your car during a snow storm, your out if she does not have insurance.
    5. Most discount insurers, progressive, geico, state auto etc. are horrendous to deal with, check your policy in detail, you will be shocked at what the fine prin t says they can do to repair your car.
    6.conversly if you have a claim against a discount insurer, good luck getting them to agree to fix your car or even repair it properly. you most likely will collect on your own insurance, comprehensive, and let you insurance company fight it out with the other insurance company.
    7. I know alot of this by first hand since a drunk backed into my 81 TA at a car show in MI, no fault state, and took off. A upstanding young couple seen them and stayed around until i returned to my car to tell me. A small byump to the fron tof my car actuially cost $4200 to repair correctly. Geico said they would be abvle to fix it perfectly for less than a thousand at their shop. My insurance company laughed and went after geico so it didn't affect me at all.

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    insurance claim

    Quote Originally Posted by MistrCreazil View Post
    Hey, Ive read on here a few times of people claiming to their insurance and getting new paint out of it. I have full coverage with a $1000 deductible, and I was wondering how exactly they did that? Because it seems like such a hassle and if I tried it I'd get laughed at. I've been with them for over a year now without any claims.. What's the catch?
    lots of interesting opinions.
    my experience is:
    i'm working in the southwest.
    high winds had sandblasted my paint finish.
    i filed a claim under my comp policy. had the car repainted and my rates DID NOT go up.

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