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How to Remove the Stock Radio


It is not as hard as it seems. Once you've done it you'll see that it is an
easy affair all in all.

BUT, for those that have never done it, here is some info.

Pulling the Bezel
: It is only held on with a few Spring clips. They are pressure only type
fitting. This means that you only have to pull on the bezzle in a few areas and
it will literally fall off.

Once the face is off, You can now get to the radio itself.

It is held in place by 2 5mm screws. The heads are 7mm. So you'll need a 7mm or
9/32 socket. I'd recommend the 7mm instead since the 9/32 doesn't quite fit
snug enough. Unbolt these screws and keep them in a good, secure place for now.
(Like the ash tray)

Now that the Screws are removed, the headunit can be pulled out. Just slide it
out until it comes all the way out or there is some resistance and then stop.

If there was some resistance during pulling, STOP and take a look behind the
radio. The wiring may be caught up on something.

Once it's all the way out, unplug the Antenna by grabbing on the connector and
pull out. That is the 1st connection to be undone.

Next there are 1-2 more connections. The 3rd connection is only if you have a
CD changer attached.

To pull the Connectors off the back of the radio, press down on the detent on
the top side of the connector and pull straight out. Be careful since you have
to yank on the wires a bit here. MAKE SURE THE DETENT IS PRESSED DOWN. If it
isn't and you yank on the wires, you may pull them out of the molded plug.

Last is the CD Changer (if one is in your vehicle). Press down on the Detent on
the top side and pull straight out.

Once all this done, the radio can be pulled completely out of the dash area.

Here's a very short video that shows the CD player bezel being removed;
hopefully it gives you a little better idea:


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