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i love this color, what is it?

This is a discussion on i love this color, what is it? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by third_shift|studios b/c its clear that they washed and dried the car, so all those little white fleks ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by third_shift|studios View Post
    b/c its clear that they washed and dried the car, so all those little white fleks shouldn't be on the wheel unless it is just water spots?

    Click for full size
    If that's an area with hard water it will leave water spots. My rims used to look like that if I let them air dry. I also have a black car so those little spots were all over the entire car and very visible. I have to towel dry my car any time I wash it.

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    I think it's water, you can see some dripping from the fender.

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    That's Navy Blue Metallic (NBM)

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    Hey man fudge that car. Ill sell u mine for 9

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    Why sell, just trade it. I saw the pics that was a nice T/A. Just list it in this site to trade for ws6, should have no problem finding someone who know what your asking. A 1979 Trans Am for a WS6. You will kick yourself in the ass the rest of your life, but its your car. In 5 years the T/A will proably be worth 60,000 while you LS1 will be a beer can, but have at it.

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    I like MBM better.

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    It's Navy Blue Metallic. That dealer is 20 mins from my house...I've seen that car on their lot in person.

    Nice car, and a good dealer. Almost bought a T/A off them last year before I found the one I have now. I'd buy from them.

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    This week I saw a 1995 or so Firebird in that color. Beautiful. I wanted to walk over and look at it up close. (But didn't - I feel weird about that, unless it's for sale.) I wish my car were that color. Also, if you want to be practical, the color probably is safer than black and some other options and likely adds extra value to the car.

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    NBM only way to go .....NBM is fastest color also ...something you might not have known....and Black is slowest...

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