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I Love It

This is a discussion on I Love It within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; i just wanted to say im 17 and im reading all the forums here and i wanna say im so ...

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    Thumbs up I Love It

    i just wanted to say im 17 and im reading all the forums here and i wanna say im so impressed with all of your badass trans am's formula;s and firehawks

    you guys are my real inspiration

    i cant wait till i have a nice steady job and have money to get my LS1

    i have a v6 firebird right now that im swapping an LT1 into and i havent been more excited

    but back to the main point all of you keep doing what you doing cuz dam i love these f-bodies

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    Keep wrenching .... it is just a matter of time and skill .... .;-)

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    hey, that lt1 is a strong Mofo. Do it up right the first time and you won't "need" an ls1.

    get headers/full exhaust
    port/polish the tb and maf
    tune it and wham! you'll be blowing away ls1' joke. vide to proove it:

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    dude i had and still have my v6 firebird .. i tyed to make it fast .. but i stoped ... i was geting some progress with it ..i beat ever outhe v6 fbody i raced ... yeat still got beat by local honda guys.. thats pissesd me off.. so i stoped puting money in my v6 and saved up for my ls1 t/a .. i also wanted to but a lt1 in to it but i learned how u have to take the eng out and all that good stuff.. better off looking for a good job save some moeny up and set a goal .. ls1 .. u cant go wrong with it

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    You'd be suprised at what you can find here. I was in the same boat as you for awhile. Im 17 now and i have a 99 T/A. I started out with $1500 last year. Bought a 95 probe gt with that $1500, turned around and sold it for $3000 a month later. I only put $130 into it. Took that $3000 and bought a 98 Mustang Gt, put $1000 into it with the intention of trying to trade it for an LS1. 3 months later, i found a guy who was willing to trade his 99 Trans Am for my Mustang because he simply lost interest in the T/A. It only has 38k on it and is perfect. So if you do a little wheelin and dealin and keep your eyes open for a good deal, then you'll get what you want.

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    Lol looks like what I am doing, I doubt I am going to buy an LS1, found a good deal on a 99 GT so what the hell might as well. Its not that much slower then the LT1, and is more tougher so oh well.

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