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most likely not a ws6 i would say if it didnt come up on the carfax. if so it would have the whole performance package and i believe that includes suspension upgrade. no biggie. just would be better to have it id say. good luck
The WS6 RPO code does not show up on a carfax...you cant even tell if its a Trans Am or a Formula via car fax...just that its a V8 car.

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one really easy way to tell if it is a real WS6 is if the air box intake (lid cover this) the opening is about 1" tall... the trans ams are about a 1/2" tall...

on the driver side door on the list of codes on the sticker there will be "WS6" on there as well...
It takes about 5min to change the airbox out...the only thing that proves is if its short that its not a WS6 car. Having the tall box means nothing.

The only way to know for sure is to look at the RPO codes listed on the door. Then it either is or it isnt a WS6...no guessing or speculating. (And you have to open the door to open the hood anyway....)

The main thing everybody over looks is that real WS6 cars are worth more than plane TAs...about $2K in NADA. SO while the added "performance" of a real WS6 vs a TA is admittedly negligible the added value isnt...roughly 20% on the car in question. So if its a TA what he paid is about average book...if its a WS6 its a good deal. Its just something to think about when shopping for these cars....if its a TA pay for a TA not a WS6.