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HP to Time ratio

This is a discussion on HP to Time ratio within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; A stock LS1 will take down a stock STi fairly easily from a roll. From a dig the AWD can ...

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    A stock LS1 will take down a stock STi fairly easily from a roll.
    From a dig the AWD can get you.
    I also can't say that an STi makes the owner a ricer. They are decent little cars. Of course, anything can be riced out.

    If this guy ran a 12.5, what did he trap at??

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    Hmm let me try to answer everyone:

    First, I dunno his trap speed. My friend took his G-Tech outa his Mustang GT and hooked it up and they ran a 12.5

    Second, I don't wanna add an LS1 to my FireBird, I want a Formula or T/A. In fact I have one picked out and have the bank already approved me for the loan. It's a 2001 WS6 with exhuast already done (not sure what they did but the car is on AutoTrader as of last night)

    Third, I will actually have a bit more than 2k to spend if I sell my car for what I want, and if the car has LTs and ORY pipes I guess that's taken care of...

    Forth, Yes 400HP is about what I'm shooting for, I know that's alot for a car, but I do ride a 2005 GSXR 600....and I pull about 11s or less in the 1/4 on that thing (haven't actually gone to track but I've raped plenty of 12 sec cars in it)

    And Fifth, I talked to the STi guy. He's not really the "leader of the ricers" he just is the first guy to go up and start some street races in our predestined spots (away from the eyes of the cops). He's a cool guy and actually owned a WS6 first, but sold it cuase he liked the traction and handling better on the STi.

    And Finnaly, Thanks for all the imput guys!

    Edited for some spelling....probably still missed some heh

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