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how long did it take you to drive a stick?

This is a discussion on how long did it take you to drive a stick? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Then it was several years since I had driven a stick.. but had my dad buy a Firebird in wisconsin ...

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    Then it was several years since I had driven a stick.. but had my dad buy a Firebird in wisconsin for me... bought it for the engine.. and it was an m5... went home for christmas and drove it back.. all 1278 miles.. now that was interesting the first couple hours.. lol.
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    i learned in about an hour when I was 16 on my best friends Nissan P/U.

    I didnt drive another till I was 21. When I bought a Stick shift, it took about 10 minutes to get a good hang on it again.

    It's like riding a bike,

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    the easiest way to learn is on a big diesel truck. the go to a small car.

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    I learned when I drove my 6cyl Camaro home. I drove it from the seller's house to a parking lot for about 15 minutes then drove it the rest of the way home. I killed it a bunch in the parking lot, but I didn't kill it at all on the way home.

    But it took me at least a week before i could drive the car in traffic w/o stalling.

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    i try to drive my gfs 5speed eclipse all the time. i suck so bad. plus im lazy, and parking lots are the worst, i hate having to rush my right foot from one pedal to the other....

    id rather stick with automatic.

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    I learned in auto mechanics class driving teachers cars that we were working on. I bet they would have been pissed to see some of the shit we did I had a very easy time of it because i could already ride a motorcycle. Same principle just applied differently.

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