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How to beat a Cobra?

This is a discussion on How to beat a Cobra? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by 2000_Black_WS6 Jesus, calm down. There are not nearly as many Camaros on the road as Mustangs. Regardless, ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2000_Black_WS6 View Post
    Jesus, calm down. There are not nearly as many Camaros on the road as Mustangs. Regardless, I sold my Z28 partially for that reason anyways... WS.6 on the road are more rare than the Vettes, so I guess you got me there but I didn't want to offend Camaro owners and I loved mine when I had it.
    Not a Ford lover my ass, only people that would raise such a big fuss are just that. The XK Jag prior to its Austin Martin facelift was the only Ford made upper level sports car comprable in price to the Vette, they were just so unpopular I guess you didn't know that. Besides, expect a little Mustang bashing... you're on a GM site

    Sorry for interupting this thread, certainly had no intentions till this certain individual had to get nit-picky.
    listen bud, i hate mustangs...look at any of my posts. i prey on them any chance i get and cant stand how slow they are. but ford is smart. they sell cars. youre a fucking moron if you think i like ford. everyone knows i dont. i also dont like a debate about something just because you may not like it. ford does what ford does. i rant about the z06 and how amazing it is at every passing chance and know why i feel the way i do. but i am also smart enough to know why the majority of the country generally buys stangs over f-bodies. i call the z06 the dego supercar slayer, which means it beats italian cars more than double the price.....
    i dont like most mustang owners because they have reasoning power similar to yours. " i dont like chevy, its gay. once i get a blower i'll...." thats what theyre about. i cant count the number of times ive clowned on the new king stang for getting beat by a c6 vette that has 100 less hp.
    its not nit picky...know what youre saying. im just as die hard about gm as you, im on this site bc i own an ls1, hence my motto around here. but i also know what else is going on.

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    I've taken out many 01 and earlier Cobras from a roll w/o much problem. I have yet to run an 03-up Cobra, but I dont think they would be that difficult. Outshift his ass and make him regret buying that piece of shit. If you can hammer through your gears w/o letting out of the gas you should be ok. make your roll at about 35, have it in 2nd, rev it up to about 4500 and dump the clutch and just stay in it with the TCS off, you should take him then if he doesn't know his car. Good luck and I hope you got a good clutch.

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    ill jump in on this...
    just race him, a ws6 and an 03 cobra is a nice race. Ive found 03 cobras to be bad ass with the right person driving the car, so if you can drive you may have that over him. If he beats you who the hell cares, call a performance shop, get some bolts on and race his ass again.
    ps- why would you let your brother buy a ford? my brother would kill me if i said i wanted a stang... haha

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    Yet another internet debating who will win thread ruined by ego's flaring.

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