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High Beams

This is a discussion on High Beams within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; So both of my high beams are out. Sometimes the randomly work... I guess it depends on "how they feel" ...

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    High Beams

    So both of my high beams are out. Sometimes the randomly work... I guess it depends on "how they feel" hah.

    went to Advanced auto today, and they told me I needed whole new headlights.... (not just the bulb)?? I feel like being a girl and all and walking into that place they feel like they can screw me over instantly.

    why would they both go out and randomly work/not work?

    When I have my lights on at night, my high beam light in the dash (the little blue light) stays on...its not real bright like it would be if they were on...*it's kind of faint....

    Yeah, I tried to explain this the best way possible... haha.

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    The stock lights is a whole housing so yes the whole lens and bulb has to be replaced. I changed all mine to sealed beams and run H7 bulbs. Shop around and al least change your low beams to sealed beams and replace your high beams with stock replacements. But before you do that, check the connector and back sure its fully pressed onto the housing. Also, put a little dielectric grease on the connector and see if that helps. Also check for any chaffing of the wires where the whole assemply opens and closes to see if the wires rubbed bare. Intermmitent headlights don't necessarily mean you have to replace the lights. Just check your wiring and connections

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