I'm Looking For Someone That Either Tell Me What Kind Of Production Numbers My Ta Has Or How To Get Production Munbers!i Think I May A Low Production Number Car , But I'm Not Sure! Its A 94 Trans Am Gt, Indiglo Blue Color, With No T-tops? I Look Around On Ebay And On Here Also All The Time And I've Only Seen A Few This Color But Only One That Didn't Have T-tops? It Was A 96 Ws-6 And This Guy Was Claiming It To Be A Very Rare Color With A Rare No T-top Option Too? He Was Saying His Car Was One Of 20 Built In 96. Now I Know My Car Isn't A 96 Ws-6 But I'm Just Curious About The Production Numbers? I've Owned Over Three Yrs And Like I Said I Only Seen One That Looked Just Like! I'm Currently Trying To Sell It And I'm Curious About The Numbers! So If Anyone Can Help Me Out I'd Appreciate It A Bunch! Vin Number Is 2g2fv22p1r2235055