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This is a discussion on Help Me Out within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Hey everybody, I'm new here and I was wondering if you guys could give me some info on mainly 1998-2000 ...

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    Help Me Out

    Hey everybody, I'm new here and I was wondering if you guys could give me some info on mainly 1998-2000 TA's, as thats what I'm looking to buy. I love the looks as well as the performance of the cars. I guess my first question is how much of a difference does a manual or auto make when it comes to performance. I know auto's make slightly less power, but does an auto pull as well on the highway and such like a manual?

    What kind of problems areas should I beware aware of when out looking to buy a TA? And what kind of maintenance needs to be done on a car like this with higher mileage? Thanks for all your help

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    I have an auto and I think it performs awesome. Manny's are fun to drive on the street, but if you intend on going to the track a bit than I would get an auto. I met a few ppl with manny ta's that say they wish they had an auto... and although sometimes driving gets boring, it is worth it when i can launch consistantly. If you are a good driver than get a stick, but if ur just like average, I would recommend an auto if your looking at performance.

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    They both have good and bad traits. your gonna be more consistent at the track with an auto but I say who cares if you dont do it for a living. City driving can blow in a stick too. I think sticks are more fun but I personally feel like im gonna break it sometimes. Autos you just punch and go. there's diehard manual and auto people. its really up to what the person wants. If you dont care either way you cant go wrong.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. Any inputs on maintenance issues or things to be aware of when buying one of these cars, like tranny issues, engine noises etc...?

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    check for leaks and the window regulator has a history of dying out after a while. As for stick and auto, getta stick its so much fun to drive and u can feel the power. Sure an auto can launch faster, but you have 2 more gears up top to beat him with. 4.10's are good mods for your car if its an M6. I personally dont like them. The biggest and arguably best mod u can get for an auto is a stall converter. I saw a 2000 trans am with a 3500 stall and full bolt ons run 11.8 at the track the other day.

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    I have always been a manual transmission guy because i feel like i am in complete control of the cars power. But they really do blow if you set in traffic a lot. Another good thing is that depending on how you drive the car you can get better gas milage with a man. and they are also easier to learn how to work on if you ever have to rebuild it

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