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help me!!!!!!!!!

This is a discussion on help me!!!!!!!!! within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; well i just recently bought a 2000 trans am ws6 and i loved untill about 30 days later i some ...

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    2000 trans am ws-6

    help me!!!!!!!!!

    well i just recently bought a 2000 trans am ws6 and i loved untill about 30 days later i some how blew the engine. So knowing a littlebit about cars i went shoping for a new short block, and happen to find a long block right down the road for 1,200dollars great deal, my first and only break. When i finally got out the busted ass engine out along with my entire front end! thanks GM i opened it up and i had a futral motorsports high lift cam, aftermarket lifters, futral motorsports pushrods, and larger stainless steel valvesprings. when i took out the cam one of the lobes was a little chewed up so left the stock cam in it along with the stock lifters,futral mororsports pushrods(stock length), and i used the heads off of my old that i got it all back together i turned the key and it fired right up. my problem is that the engine it got a horrible tap to it, it doesnt tap all the time but when it does it is almost every lifter and it is bad. also my oil pressure is at about 35 to 40 psi wile on the road but at idle it goes down to anywhere between 20 and 5 psi when cold 0 psi what is wrong i have ran out of ideas.

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    The valve tap is normal for LS1's. Its just the way that they are made. I have noticed in mine, when I have the engine not at an idle, my oil pressure is about the same. I just did a swap in my 99 T/A, so depending on how loud the tap is, I would check the torque on the rockers. Hope this helps

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    OK you might need a new oil pump however I have heard that the oil pressure sensor that is located on the rear of the engine...just behind the intake Manifold can be broken off fairly easily. or cracked and give cruddy readings. Might want to check it.. bets way to check it in my opinion would be to pull the intake manifold off. since you sound like you did all the engine swap stuff yourself yous could do this too.

    As for your knocking.
    Well the LS1 engines are natorious for having piston slap. nothign you can do about it unless you get new pistons that have "floating" wrist pins instead of pressed ones. Usually the piston slap will go away after the car warms up...

    I think we need more info about your new engine as well. same year model?

    Also I have a 99 T/A and have a ticking. Talk to Rob at Volcano and he said that it was just normal valve train noise.

    I have done some readings about cams recently. so this could apply to you.

    You have a highlift cam befopre so you more than likely changes out the springs to a strongr version. it could be that your springs are too strong.....

    I can't remember the exact details so i will put the link below on the article that i was readting as well as another articlae about cams that i think had some good info in it..

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