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    I just drove my 2002 WS6 and for some reason it is revving up instead of down when I throw it into neutral before coming to a stop, even in neutral the rpms stay around 2000?? It also feels like it has more power when I shift into each gear. The only thing that brings the RPM's down is the brakes. When I brake it slowly drops but the needle does not return to 1000 rpms like it usualy does in the idle position. The rpm's even dropped below 1000 around 500 at one point. could my IAT sensor from SLP be causing this problem. The temp here in michigan is 36F right now. I have heard that this mod (IAT sensor) can make the car run "rich" or "lean" depending on the outside temp. So I immediately turned around and headed home, so I wouldnt damage anything further. I also smelled a really strong gas like smell when I got out to check the engine???


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    try taking it off and see if it still acts up. I would just to see. SES light?
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    My '98 behaved this way once. It happened after a long period of not driving it and the battery has lost it's charge. After jump starting it the car would rev high every time I was in neutral. I drove the car about 30 miles to run power back into the battery and it behaved like it should again.

    Lesson learned: I should drive it more.

    Don't know if this helps your situtation, but hope you figure it out!

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