I am in the midst of the brass gear install for both of my headlight motors and all was back together with only one remaining problem. The headlight motors were reversed. When I turned them on, they were down, and when I turned them off they popped up. I tried starting the car and locking it and unlocking it to see if this solved the problem. It didn't. I also tried manually lowering the lights, but it just goes back to the origional problem. Am I going to have to unhook everything again and then reinstall everything with the lights now on because that is how they were when the lights were disconnected?

Update: I tried rereinstall everything with the lights on and that didn't work, the problems only multiplied. The epoxy also failed on one of the motors. I got the other one running correctly, but there are two white "bumpers" that part of the arm is to stay between. When I got it working the arm was on the outside of those bumpers, not the inside, so I disconnected it again. To say the least, I am fusturated. I am going to use some gorilla glue to see if that will hold the other motor shut since the epoxy failed twice and try to get it all working before going to work tomorrow. The movie that I watched of the installation for this didn't even address any of the problems that I am having. Can someone help me before I trade in this GD thing for a Honda?