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Headlight help?

This is a discussion on Headlight help? within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; So recently my passenger side low-beam has went out. Not like.. OUT. But just out. High beams still work (not ...

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    Headlight help?

    So recently my passenger side low-beam has went out. Not like.. OUT. But just out. High beams still work (not saying they shouldn't, two completely different things.)

    Anyway, at first I figured it was just the bulb, so I went to get it replaced. But lo and behold, when I got there and turned them on, it worked. I was like . I began to drive home.. to find out it didn't work again. But it would intermittently come on and off depending on my speed. (60+ would make them turn on.) I checked the connectors for corrosion or maybe they got loose, they're fine, almost like new. I can't seem to figure out the problem. It's not even dim, it's either full brightness of a brand new bulb-- or nothing.

    Any ideas? Just bite the bullet and get it replaced?

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    check the connnector with a volt meter. it should be around 12.4. also check inside the connector for any burnt or melted plastic. i had a problem where it was melting the plastic on the connector and would pretty much put insulation between the connector and lead. i ended up taking a female spade connector and crimping it onto the end of the wires. havnt had a problem since.

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