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Headlight enclosure

This is a discussion on Headlight enclosure within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; My passenger side headlight shield occasionally catches on the hood and only goes up about 2". I checked out the ...

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    Headlight enclosure

    My passenger side headlight shield occasionally catches on the hood and only goes up about 2". I checked out the enclosure and it's kinda beat up, like the black plastic shroud around the headlights has a lot of play to it. The screws to adjust the angle of the lights on the low beams aren't threaded into anything and the shroud itself has a couple small cracks in it. I know the guy that I bought the car from hit something at very low speed and it dented the shield a bit. I wanted to just replace the entire assembly but I'm having trouble finding the parts new. Any suggestions?

    I suppose I could just replace the shroud and the shield instead but as I said, can't seem to find the parts. I emailed the closest Pontiac/GMC/Buick dealership but haven't gotten a response yet. I'm not done searching yet though .

    Also, how difficult is it to replace? I'm decent when it comes to working on my car (with help, I replaced the head gasket in my old 5.0 Rustang) but I haven't had to mess with the popup headlights before. Any input would be appreciated.


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    It's pretty easy to do. Do get the cover off you have to cycle the lights a couple of time to get the screws holding it on. Then the rest is pretty self explanitory.

    Yea the trim piece around the lights has a lot of ply in it, Mine is the same way. If you can;t find new, call a few salvage yards and see what they have in stock.

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