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    Is There A Difference In Headers In Sound Or Performance Or Both...
    Im Looking At Changing My Exhaust And Want To Get A Louder Sound, I Have The Slp Lm Currently...any Recommendations Would Be Appreciated. Trying To Stay Around $1000 In Cost On Parts.

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    hmmm, 1k on parts...probably doable. Headers replace the stock manifolds and allow exhaust to be collected at intervals instead of gathering it all up and trying to spit it out at once [causing too much pressure/restriction, thus not letting the car breath well]

    I'm not familiar enough with brands and performance, but a lot of people say to go with Long Tubes as opposed to mid or short lenght ones. Once you ad long tubes you'll have to get a new Y pipe, fabricate tubing to run to the new exhaust also, not to mention you want new exhaust. Right there you're looking at 200ish for a Y pipe 400ish for headers, 500ish or more for exhaust and whatever the tubing/install is

    If you want some bragging rights, i suggest going with true duals which is about 1200-1500 in parts/fabrication work. Here is a picture of a true dual set up with and X pipe: [xpipe is just below the driveshaft] I belive this set up was like 1800 [i know the guy who owns the car]

    anyway, there is a lot you can or a lot you don't have to do. You just want it to sound better? toss a cut out on the stock system [it's a little purge hole that's fabricated to the pipe that runs back to the exhaust, you can cap it or uncap it for performance/ sound. That's a quick 200 or less job right there.

    Oh yeah, the more/less sound is basically due to restrictions throught the exhaust pipe. That picture shows long tubes, no catyletic convertors, 3" fabricated tubing and single chamber exhausts....that's a loud SOB! and it's really loud when he removes the cut out caps [they are at the end of the straight stretch just after the long tubes, before the system curves into the xpipe]. Less sound=more restriction, more sound = less restriction = more horse power b/c the car can "exhale" a lot better than the stock system allows.

    damn, you got a lesson today boy.
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    performance yes. If u wanna spend all of the $1000 get a pair of QTP or KOOKS. There the best LT on the market for the LSX engine. If ur looking into saving some of it for other mods HOOKER make good headers as well. Not sure about sound, iv heard a lot of cars with hooker, KOOKS, etc... i couldnt tell the pitch of the exhaust note casue its so dam loud. Im gonna order some LT's in a week or so. Ill let you know how it works out.

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    pacesetter coated headers and y pipe are about 550.
    hooker catback about 300.
    above will be a real nice gain in performance.
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