Header Headache Help - Problem Solver Tech
Many Second-Gen Firebird owners have installed tubular headers because they typically allow an engine to produce maximum power over a wide rpm range and are a popular "speed part" choice amongst performance enthusiasts. Though there are a large number of headers on the market today, some low-cost units are cheaply made and fit poorly, while it seems that higher quality (and more expensive) offerings fit best and provide the least amount of installation headaches.
When dealing with the Second-Gen Firebird chassis, there are many potential areas of concern that seem common to all models, so we touched on 12 that one would most likely encounter, offering simple suggestions to remedy each. While we must caution that there may be obstacles, which are unique to a vehicle and must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, we hope to simplify the installation process, thereby minimizing headaches and maximizing your Firebird's performance.
Special thanks to Jim and Tom Hand for their assistance with the preparation of this article.

Photo Gallery: Header Headache Help - Problem Solver Tech - High Performance Pontiac

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