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head/cam upgrade ls1

This is a discussion on head/cam upgrade ls1 within the Firebird / WS6 forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by logankyng Originally Posted by 98TransAmWs-6 Yeah 5k is high for a hci build. I don't even have ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by logankyng View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by 98TransAmWs-6 View Post
    Yeah 5k is high for a hci build. I don't even have 5k in my 396 as of yet. I know some like the 92/92 setup but I would get the 102/102 set up personally, which is what I have. In addition something you need to think about is you can't just grab a big cam and some nice flowing heads and expect them to work well together necessarily, not sure if you have talked to any shop yet. What needs to happen is both components need to be matched together to ensure they will work well together. Custom cams are the only option imho. I got my cam matched with the heads I am getting with Advanced Induction, who are the only company I would consider imho. They based the specs off of my goals and my current mods as well as future mods to give me the cam I have.

    What benefit is there with going with the 102/102 opposed to the 92/92?

    Advanced induction is added to my list of potential shops Ty
    You will get more air flowing through which assuming there are no restrictions you will get more hp, even if there is some restriction you will still net more hp just not as much. Some will argue otherwise but it has been proven unported the 102 provides more power than the 92, not a crazy amount but it does provide more. If you are going to get a FAST you might as well get the one that provides the most power, especially since they are pretty much the same price. There is however a point when bigger is not always but the 102 doesn't reach this point. Also with the FAST it will love more cubes as well, if you ever do a stroker. Some would say it is overkill but I beg to differ. However, if you want the most out of an engine like I do then you will want one, then again my setup is pretty radical for the street.

    IMHO The FAST 102 is for serious track/street use. For someone that DD's or takes to cruises it is way overkill. The 102 is just about the maximum type of intake you can use on LSx blocks without Force Induction.
    Or a sheet metal intake.
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